"Transit" is a 25,000-word contemporary m/m novella that has been submitted for publication. Advertising experts Andrew Young and Javier Castillo have both had bad luck with relationships, and the last thing they think they need is a fling with a co-worker. They are sent to Singapore to meet with an unhappy client, knowing that their jobs may be on the line, when their mutual attraction gets the better of them. The attraction quickly turns serious, but Javier is afraid to take a risk, and Andrew may be too much of a daredevil. "Transit" is co-written with Aleksandr Voinov.

To Catch a Spy

Co-written with Aleksandr Voinov. To Catch a Spy is a contemporary spy-thriller-romance featuring a menage. Nina and John Breslin are CIA operatives sent to Monte Carlo to investigate Russian mob activity. There, they meet Arkady Stepanov, a Russian ex-pat who becomes a Person of Interest in more than one way.  To Catch a Spy is currently under heavy revisions, but we hope to have it ready to submit within the next few months.


Co-written with Aleksandr Voinov. Pawn is a m/m novel and is a prequel to To Catch a Spy. It features a May/December romance between young Arkady Stepanov and the second-ranked CIA operative in Moscow. Arkady, the son of Adam's housekeeper, is directed to act as a "honey trap" for Adam, who has crossed spymaster Vladimir Krasnov. Adam and Arkady fall hard for one another, but meanwhile, Krasnov gets closer and closer to catching up to Adam. Pawn's first draft is complete, and it is currently in revision.


Co-written with Aleksandr Voinov. Chaosborn is a m/m urban fantasy novel that combines magic with physics, or possibly the other way around. Micah Bachman, a professor of quantum physics, discovers he has unusual and uncontrollable powers that make him a tempting target to many organizations who want to use them. One organization sends Voiata, a Russian shaman, to capture him, but Voiata senses a kindred spirit and decides to help Micah instead. Chaosborn is 90% done; we hope to have the first draft completed around the new year.

Project Loki

Co-written with Aleksandr Voinov. Project Loki is a m/m WWII-era urban fantasy in its early stages, featuring magician and American combat medic Vincent and SS officer Georg. Vincent's company has just taken over Himmler's secret compound, where he performed magical experiments to create a secret weapon to use against the Allies. There, they discover Georg, who might be the secret weapon itself. Project Loki will be written in 2010.